WaLUE On-Site Mission December 2015 and IGAWE Workshop

From 07. December 2015 until 11. December 2015 a WaLUE On-Site Mission with participants from Dorsch, IEEM and SebaKTM took place in Chennai, Tiruvannamalai.

The conversation with the commissioner of the city - Mrs Sulthana - dealt with the further support for the working packages of the WALUE mission. Yet, even though only very few employees were available at that time due to the fact that there was a flooding in the provincial capital and thus lots of workers were assigned to help there, Mrs Sulthana assured the project partners of her on-going support.

Furthermore there were several talks with the city manager Mr. Palani. Here economic aspects were talked about, mainly the development of the receipts and the expenses in the course of the last years and - after an increase of the water fees - the effects of this increase on the inhabitants (e.g. solutions with regard to improving the general payment attitude).

At the end of the On-Site Mission the workshop IGAWE took place in Mumbai. The IGAWE Workshop is a platform on which - inter alia - the WaLUE partners are marketing water technical products and services in India. In the course of this workshop a lecture about IEEM and the WaLUE Project was held.

Summarizing the results the On-Site Mission was very successful: The support of the commissioner could be secured continuously and with this also the broad acceptance of the Project. Additionally new information with regard to the financial situation of the city were gained.

Photo: Workshop - German solutions in drinking water for indian utilities


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