WaLUE Workshop and On-Site Mission in November 2016

From 17. November 2016 until 24. November 2016 a WaLUE On-Site Mission with participants from Dorsch, GWFA, IEEM, KIT and WILO SE has been undertaken in Chennai, Tiruvannamalai.

On the first day of the WaLUE Mission the new employee, Mr S. Ramajayam has been introduced into the Project and his tasks were talked about.

Before the workshop started, a meeting with the commissioner Mrs Sundarambal was held, where the upcoming workshop was discussed. The commissioner assured the project partners of her full support.

The workshop lasted for two days. On the first day the participants mainly talked about suggestions such as for example the reduction of the relatively high connection fees in order to minimize the number of the illegal connections. Very vivid discussions followed which revealed the high interest of the city in these suggestions. On the second day a survey of pilot zones 5 and 6 took place, where a reporter of a local newspaper accompanied the workshop participants to e. g. read out the data of a water gauge logger.

Summarizing this On-Site Mission related to their targets, it was a very successful mission once again: The new employee was introduced to the Project, the support of the commissioner as well as the broad acceptance of the Project among the city councillors was secured and the workshop proceeded very positive with vivid participation.



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