WaLUE On-Site Mission March 2014

Site-Visit of the pilot zones 5 and 6 in the municipality of Tiruvannamalai discussion about the upcoming challenges and objectives of the WaLUE project

During the on-site mission in Tiruvannamalai WaLUE's pilot zones were visited including the Thamarai Nagar elevated tank (capacity 150,000 litres) which provides pilot zone 5 with water. Pilot zone 5 itself is divided into two subzones: Upper West with about 740 households and Lower East with about 200 households. In general, both subzones are supplied for two hours daily with water from this overhead tank which is equipped with mobile ultrasonic flow meter from SebaKMT (UDM 200-M). The inspection was followed by a visit to the Anna Nagar pumping station that supplies the Thamarai Nagar elevated tank with water.

Furthermore, pilot zone 6 was studied including the Samudram Eri pumping station which supplies pilot zone 6 with its three subzones (Perumbakkam Road, RG Nagar and Chengam Road Housing Board) with water once a day for 1-2 hours. At the pumping station, a data logger (Sebalog Dx) is installed that performs pressure measurements as well as another mobile ultrasonic flow meter supplied by SebaKMT. The following satellite images show the pilot zones 5 and 6 including subzones.

Satellite image: Zone 5 of the WaLUE project area in Tiruvannamalai including subzones
Satellite image: Zone 6 of the WaLUE project area in Tiruvannamalai including subzones

During the on-site mission several meetings with Mr G. Palani (Municipality Manager) were held. At these meetings all challenges and objectives of the WaLUE project were explained and elaborated by IEEM. A comprehensive questionnaire was discussed (e. g. on property taxes and the resulting water taxes, the audited financial statements, the assignment of employees who are paid by the Water Supply and Drainage Fund, the current population of the individual districts etc.).

Furthermore, the newly hired local employee of IEEM, Mr P. Saravanan, was introduced to all stakeholders on site and to WaLUE's measurement campaign that will begin in June.

All in all, the on-site mission was a success. Set objectives, such as the training of the new employee, reviewing the ongoing on-site measurements have been achieved. Additionally, the oral and written assurance of continued support and the assumption of costs for the water meter installation was given by the new Commissioner of Tiruvannamalai and debate of the collected economic data was conducted. An overview of the outstanding and already paid water charges and water taxes, each divided by districts, for the years 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14, are now available and can be analyzed. Moreover, the data obtained in the course of the last on-site mission could be verified or adjusted.


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