WaLUE On-Site Mission June and July 2014

Installation of a monitoring system in the pilot zones 5 and 6 of Tiruvannamalai's water supply network

The technical WaLUE project team implements the monitoring system of Tiruvannamalai's water supply network from June to July.

Photo: Installation of Water Meters in Tiruvannamalai Municipality
Location of Bulk Water Meters and Data Loggers, Source KIT 2014

The installation of suitable water meters is crucial for the success of our WaLUE project. In-stalling water meters and data loggers at strategic points and in selected households within the pilot zones enables us to monitor the water supply and consumption pattern in the pilot zones. This data is required to survey and analyse water losses in order to create a water balance and to develop suitable and economically feasible water loss reduction strategies. In total, 155 house water meters will be installed in 75 households as well as 10 bulk water meters and data loggers at different locations.

ZENNER International GmbH & Co. KG (one of the leading suppliers of water meters) was chosen to supply most of the water meters and provide technical and logistical support before and during the installation.

The following satellite images show the pilot zones 5 and 6.

Satellite image: Overview of Tiruvannamalai Municipality
Satellite image: Zone 5 and 6 of the WaLUE project area in Tiruvannamalai Municipality

In order to install the water meters a lot of construction work, e.g. excavation, cutting has to be done. Furthermore, the construction of protection chambers for some of the flow meters is necessary to ensure an error free and faultless measuring campaign for an extended period of time.

The WaLUE team is thankful for the support offered by the Commissioner of Tiruvannamalai, Mr. P. Jothi Mani, and the Municipality Staff.


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